Keeping it real with Dr. Mary G

November 12, 2018

Keeping it real with Dr. Mary G


In a society full of hate and oppression I am left wondering why we turn on each other? When I say turn on each other I am referring to the epidemic of women bullying, criticizing and oppressing other women.

Doesn’t make sense does it?

Why, when we are faced with so many barriers to begin with (lower pay, high rates of being victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape, human trafficking, body image issues, fighting for reproductive rights, etc…I could really go on and on) do we continue to belittle, harass, victimize and threaten each other.

Women wake up and see what is happening!

Every time a woman criticizes another woman based on looks, clothes, weight, reproductive choices, mothering style, choices of partners, jobs...they become part of the oppressive culture that we all have to deal with on a daily basis.

Please do NOT be that kind of women; do NOT model that for the young women in your life.

We have been historically and systemically oppressed by a patriotically society to believe that we need to compete against one another, to sabotage one another and to judge one another. We have been made to believe that there is not enough resources for all of us. We have been rewarded for brutalizing each other.

Some women do not realize that the oppression suffered by our great grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers follow us today and play out in the relationship we have with other women.

It is called internalized oppression!!

It is real!

Often, we do not know why we are drawn to sabotage and brutalize other women with our words or our actions.

It is because we were taught and believed centuries ago that we were not as valuable as men and that in order to get ahead we need to eliminate any competition (other women).

Even though we are not in the dark ages any longer we still, on a daily basis deal with discrimination and victimization based on our gender.

It is time we come together and support one another and stop being part of the problem.

Principals before personalities

You do not have to agree with every woman.

You can learn to respect them and understand that their decisions are their own.

Whether you realize it or not…you will, your daughters will, your female friends will…be subjected to the same treatment by another woman at some point in life if this type of victimization does not stop.

You have a responsibility. Stop being a part of the problem and start being a part of the solution.

Make the Girl Promise today. It starts with YOU.