What is the Girl Promise?

November 13, 2018

What is the Girl Promise?

Why should I make the #GirlPromise?

Let’s be honest.

Historically we the female population have not always had it easy. We have overcome so much yet still have so far to go. I think we as females can all agree that at times it still seems like a never ending uphill battle for equality in many areas of life.

So the struggle is real. Still.

With that said Robyn and I were just recently asked why females should make the #GirlPromise?

First, we think you should make the #GirlPromise because on an individual level it will help remind you to take personal inventory of your words and actions towards other humans. Which for the record is something we all should be doing. It is a reminder that what you say is being watched by younger females who may consider you to be a role model whether you think they are listening or not. They are always listening and watching…. Trust us.

Secondly, make the #GirlPromise for our GIRL tribe. We need you now more than ever. Do your part by committing yourself to making this world a better place by working together instead of against one another.

Please help us focus on the positive and how you can make a difference. There is still a gap to where we as females want and need to be. Help us stand together in unity and close the gap…… one GIRL at a time.

Make the #GirlPromise today.

-Diane Stefanowicz