Why Girl Promise?

Bullying has become an epidemic that affects thousands. Between grades 6-12 28% of U.S students have experienced bullying and when a large poll of young people was taken 70.6% reported seeing bullying in their schools (stopbullying.gov).

Robyn and Diane, the founders of #GirlPromise witnessed the detrimental effects of females mistreating one another first hand. They noticed this negative behavior at their children's schools, in their work place, and within their communities. Not wanting to wait for something to be done, Robyn and Diane decided to put their passion and determination together to create the #GirlPromise.

#GirlPromise is a pledge, a commitment, and a way of life. The focus is to help create valuable character traits in young women with the purpose of stopping this negative behavior before it starts and shift girls toward empowering and strengthening one another.  

To make the #GirlPromise, one must commit to “I promise to love and respect other females regardless of our differences.” By taking the #GirlPromise a bond is made unifying girls toward a common cause as well as providing the knowledge to make wiser decisions in everyday situations. When pledging the #GirlPromise, girls are joining a community of girls built on respect, love and courage with the ultimate goal of working together as one. This community provides girls with a safe space to grow and explore together away from judgement. 

#GirlPromise shares their message throughout the community and teaches these valuable lessons to females of all ages. The #GirlPromise founders, Robyn and Diane, promote and teach healthy behavior through informational presentations. Many other topics are covered as well to encompass all aspects of how to live the #GirlPromise in the best way. 

#GirlPromise also provides information geared toward parents and loved ones so they can play an active role in supporting the #GirlPromise pledge.